Monday, 11 August 2014

News: Japanese High School DxD Vita Trailer

A trailer for the free-to-play High School DxD PSVita title has emerged online.
If your feeling the Monday morning blues, this trailer will wake you up as it showcases a few of the games features. Over 50 characters are said to be available with extra costumes to unlock, and an online co-op mode will help flesh things out for the RPG on the gameplay side of things. Check the Japanese trailer below as you await the games release in Japan within the next few months.


  1. Yay a trailer for a game that we have very little chance at getting localised in the west.
    P.S. Ive been meaning to ask for awhile if theres a reason this site doesnt have a Disqus comment box on the side (like Siliconera does), It would really help people looking for folks having discussions on this site.

  2. I don't hold up much hope for this game if it is anything like the TV series. The series was very uninteresting and just ecchi. Not that I mind that. But a good story would have been nice.

  3. Good shout, I think it's because for the time being with only have a few members who post like yourself, the staff and BlessingOfChaos. We will look into this possibly more when we get a little more of an active rather than passive community