Monday, 11 August 2014

Preview: The Sacred Tears TRUE (PC)

When Nyu Media did a Steam Greenlight push not too long ago, one of the titles that seemed to steam its way through the process was The Sacred Tears TRUE. The RPG itself is from AlphaNuts and is set to launch upon completion of its localisation in the next few months. With a Demo now available entitle 'Prologue Version', lets see how its shaping up so far...

Sacred Tears TRUE follows the exploits of Seil & Seanna as they try to make ends meet in Genoseed City. By day they are 'Private Investigators' and serve the citys folk with any tasks they can to earn some coin, but at night they become thieves. The game opens with you on a mission for the Thieves Guild to steal a ring, only for Seil to toss it off the side of a building believing it to be his fake ring - as a diversion. After the intro finishes, its down to the nitty gritty of the daily routine for the pair. Seil it seems, is your typical happy go lucky type wheres Seanna is the serious one. Even though this sounds a little 'run of the mill', it does lead to some amusing interactions with each other & the folk around town. In the demo you get to play 5 episodes of the main story with varying lengths (Which goes beyond what Ive mentioned here as I don't like to talk spoilers) as well as 2 sub-story episodes, which help flesh out aspects of the games story/characters. Theres enough content for one to see if they take a shining to the title or not, and your save file is transferable to the main game if you decide to take the plunge
The gameplay seems to be your typical old-school styled RPG you'll remember from the years gone by. Earlier quests see you meeting & greeting whilst doing other 'fetch' style quests. The games combat system is where something different comes into play, and its something that works quite well. A card style system is used. Each turn sees you being given a row of card that your choose 3 from, same as your opponent. Different cards have different abilities & ratings. Think a basic Top Trumps. Trying to anticipate what your for has chosen can be tough, so keeping out a keen eye for hints will help. Its a fairly basic system during your time with the demo that freshens the game up a little, with the promise of more depth as you progress in the game.
As you can see from the screenshots provided, the game carries its old school stylings to the graphical side of things. The great things about this is that unlike most indie releases we see these days, this one doesn't carry inflated specs. Testing on 2 very low key machines (Intel Atom based Netbook & XP based office PC) yielding perfectly playable results on both machines, although the nod would go with the netbook. The smaller screen worked out great when playing fullscreen, and oddly enough the font on the PC became skewed making it hard to read on occasion. With the netbook being Windows 7 based, maybe its an XP font oddity? The games sprite based look keeps things bold & colourful which helps to keep things relatively pleasing on the eye.
Overall it seems like its shaping up to be a decent enough distraction for $9.99. The graphics & performance is decent, Story has potential and the games combat system sports some quirks to keep things interesting. Nyu Media are looking at September for the games release window, which should give you plenty of time with the 'Prologue' demo of Sacred Tears TRUE.

Demo [LINK]

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