Wednesday, 13 August 2014

News: What do Famitsu & Dengekiko do in Neptunia U?

A few new screenshots for Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U show what the new duo get up to.
Famitsu & Dengekiko are both reporters of sorts within the game. Depending on how well you do during a quest you may see a news report and get a special present from either one of them afterwards. They are both also playable characters. Still no word on a localisation for this Neptunia title:

New scans detailing information has appeaered online, all in Japanese though but worth a look for more new screenshots:


  1. ill be bring a preview of this in the comein weeks aka when it release and my copy comes in XD

  2. Wonder if Idea Factory International will consider localizing this one, guess the upcoming sales of Rebirth 1 will dictate that. Still playing Producing Perfection, and sadly still havent beaten it; theres just not enough hours in theday :(