Friday, 15 August 2014

News: A Selection of Bullet Girls Vita Screenshots

In preparation for the games imminent launch, D3 have unleashed new screenshots for Bullet Girls.
The screenshots focus on show numerous features to be found in the game. Multi-tiered levels allow rooftop ambushes, the cloth damage goes one stage further than most by having clothes completely destroyed (conveniently placed clouds are introduced), The game interrogation training mode & costume changes etc that will be available during the bonus scenarios that look at the girls everyday lives. Bullet Girls is due to launch in Japan on August 21st for the PSVita. Its unlikely we'll see a localisation of this one unfortunately,so importing may be the best option.



  1. Why why is it soo unlikely? Is it because of D3?

  2. I'd say it's unlikely due to D3. They still haven't brought over some of their other stuff like Dream Club so we may not. There's always a chance of course tho too