Tuesday, 10 March 2015

News: CyberConnect2 Teasing New Titles via Famitsu

Hiroshi Matsuyama has elaborated on the 'new challenge' recruitment ad via Famitsu.
This weeks issue of Famitsu has a 15-page feature on developer CyberConnect2, and during the interview the studio president & CEO shared further details about the company’s previously teased 'new challenge'. Below you'll find some interesting excerpts from the interview:
“Going forward, we’re doing various things for our 20th anniversary project,” Matsuyama told Famitsu. “Of course, being a game company, this ‘new challenge’ is a challenge regarding a game title.”
“The words published in our advertisement are keywords from three unannounced titles. The larger keywords are for the first of the three. And the medium and small-sized keywords make up the second and third titles.”
“Basically, the bigger words are photo-realism, RPG, worldwide, Unreal Engine 4, and physics-based rendering,” Matsuyama said. “Open-world is part of the second title, and VR is part of the third. All new titles are in development for the new generation.”
“Up until recently, our workload was split pretty evenly between console games and smartphone games, but at this stage, we’re switching out to a ration of 7:3 for console to smartphone work. For this generation, we’re really going to do what we can in the console space.”
There's still no concrete information on what these new titles could be, but fans will be pleased to hear of the studios increased focus on console development.

Source [Gematsu]

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