Wednesday, 22 January 2014

News: Monster Monpiece censored content

This image above shows some of the 4th evolutionary form cards that have been cut from Monster Monpiece in the west.

EDIT: We now have a review for Monster Monpiece - HERE

Personally I'm not really fussed either way but it is understandable (a couple of confusing omissions too, like Fia for example) as a few of the images have been deemed a little questionable for peoples taste in the west, although I doubt censoring the game will save it from being completely lambasted by the mainstream press for similar content anyway.

A post on Idea Factory's forum clears up any misunderstandings regarding content -

"Dear Jacob,

Thank you very much for taking your time to contact us!

To answer your question, the number of censored cards are about 40 cards out of approx. 350 cards. So, more than 300 cards are intact from the original images. Please note that none of the stages, ability/stats and Monster Girls character has been cut off, but replaced these higher level monster girl images with the “less exposing” lower level version of the corresponding monster girls.

We hope this will make your concern clear

Again, thank you VERY much for your kind support!!!

Idea Factory International, Inc.

Thankfully it sounds as though only the imagery itself has been cut so there wont be any content missing from the game. With a release penned for spring in the west - Its a surprise to see this game being localised at all in truth, so a little censoring isn't going to bother me much. What about yourself?  Let us know!


  1. Not surprising. The scumbag media would have a field day with this. I'm still looking forward to the game.

  2. You never seen any Anime right? Kiss X Siss :) Well, i agree with you the girls are a little bit young ( I like more mature woman xD) but that doesn't mean every game with sexual content has to be censcored ( For this game i agree though)

  3. Frederik Van Assche29 January 2014 at 08:46

    Just because something is common, doesn't mean it's okay!
    And I'm not offended because of the sexual content, I'm offended because they look so young...

  4. I'm not in discussion with you! I agree that the girls are too young. So i can understand why you are offended. :) If you are against it vote with your wallet. That's my advice.

  5. I can see why it was censored. But sometimes I don't agree with censorship. Sometimes its abused on things that are really no big deal period. Censorship has always been a nasty problem. We accept games with amounts of violence, blood and gore and cussing and we don't accept any "sexual-related content" not even "innuendos". Now I'm not a pervert. I don't even look up porn. I am however an anime fan. Seeing such things are normal to me and I'm not affected by it. I've watched anime that contain loli-material (not porn or hentai of course). I can see why. But I still stand that censorship can really be a bitch.

  6. I can see why. But sometimes I don't agree with censorship. At times they censor really dumb things that are not going to cause an uproar. This is different. As much as I am a anime-fan, seeing this stuff isn't new to me. I'm however no pedophile thank god.
    Anime tends to make characters youthful. But honestly, we Asians, tend to keep our youthful appearances. That might be the reason why. When I was 18, I still looked like I was in middle school. I don't know if that is the reason why we usually youth-ize our fictional characters. But I guess its just as much as why we make our actresses very attractive and such.

    I wonder if you'd be against it if they made them in their 20ish age? Then again, still censorship period. Honestly its a shame, in some sense, I have yet to see something really really bold from Japan. Such as a Visual Novel for the PS3 and such. A lot of really good stuff is not imported into Japan. Idolmaster for example. I'm still surprised they tried to get this through internationally.

  7. I'm new to this site I can see some cards why we won't be able to see them in our version for NA & EU most are the cards got clothes on the thing is it's the nakedness of women in games that really upset.

    In fact the child like monsters should not be in the game if it cause concern but have a look at the rest of them I can see some cards should be allow the rest not so rafflesia, Pegasus, phantom hmm cockatrice is a tough call though. How should it be alright by the size of the girls chest of course.

    No brainer then take rafflesia she got big chest the upcoming conception2 for EU in May will have school girls with big chests with some words boobs, breasts etc it all about dating girls & classmating star, yes I'm against censorship on all media books get censored too in the 60s in UK.

    But I can see too a partial censored is at order, & besides most girls for are at high school are 18, 19 year olds staying on at school.

    I got IOS card games that some pics are racy no cloths At all just there hair cover they nips but that is accepted.

  8. Ahh well strange as it seems I just found out 2 things.

    1- it out in EU I know that but PEGI give it a 12 rating due to the censoring of the cards you still going to rub a small baby like goblin I be even more shock if those other cards got nothing on at all like the 1st pix.

    2- the NA version rating is a M So what does that mean then are NA version going to have rafflesia but EU not.

    I say that because a PEGI 12 is a lot of tone down to me it could be a PEGI 16 because M rating is equal to PEGI 16.

    But now it opens up even more worrying factor with a PEGI 12. The game for EU & NA going to censored 40 childlike pics but raffy is no childlike but not like goblin, the rest of the cards I believe to be say 18 upwards girls right.

    But what going to happen to those cards too because a PEGI 12 won't even put sexy poses with cloths on or not adult or other.

    Example if a Pegasus is say 20 year old girl in that pose above do you think a PEGI 12 allow that?.

  9. I think it's more a cultural thing when it comes to the differing ratings for the region's. The US seems to take a harder stance on 'sexualised' imagery compared to the more liberal EU. As far as we know, both the EU & NA will be getting the same release of the game

  10. So you saying a PEGI-12 can if it wants shows strong sexy image but would it make sense for it be rated a PEGI-16.

    But I'm even more angry if you think ppl are angry about those girls how about a younger 8 year old boy that got his arse raped & a little girl much younger then the censored cards had done a abortion for kicks that was censored for EU not the states

    So it's alright for that but not the cards plus the NA get the same version as us. Since UK left BBFC I notice our games being censored by PEGI.

  11. A PEGI 12 can have some of that content as long as it's not graphic. The rating board obviously feel that the cards still in the game only warrant a 12 rating, whestilhe US decide to hand the game an M rating. Some countries in the EU can be a little more strict than others tho. That's why sometimes we have more censoring, which is usually done by the developers before going to the rating board, so the game is ensured a release. I'd prefer things to not be censored myself. I'm old & wise enough to be able to make up my own mind on whether something is offensive or not, but at least we are still getting releases like this in some form

  12. Hi again I dug around my games which do contain some racy images, but I shall forces on 1 game for now it another card game not like monster monpirce as you don't rub the clothes off however how old do you think these girls are?

    The above cards to me only shows not naked at all but that not the problem the sexual pose maybe take note off of the flower gal you see the same thing but a diffrenet gal the cards here are just as wrong as the censored cards how old you think lupus is or rio or the one 2nd from the left holding the staff her chest not so big the above pics shows big chested gals in sexual poses the game pics below are rated 12. The 2 pics shows complete naked the moon viewing set look like she 15 16 years old miss Santa does look like she in a sexual pose, that typhoo a dead ringer to that uncensored flower gal picture 1.

    There have been other gals completed utter nakedness of cartoon gals over the months 1 gal about 16 sekio in a bath scene with her bro in xseed's corpse party of course the steam cover up the rude bits. Just like the cover up of the uncensored cards that cause concern.

    So how do you draw the line, murder too is a crime but it acceptable for games AKA GTA to be allow in South Park the stick of truth allow to show anal rapping of a 8 year old boy & a abortion of a little Gal for kicks that for NA gamers.

  13. this game just came to NA yesturday and i'm considering getting it. I don't care about pointless fanservice pics being removed. I just hope the card battle system is fun.

  14. Our review will be going live with the EU launch on the 4th June, next Wednesday. The game was due to launch here in the EU today, so we would have had a review ready now, but a last minute delay last week by Idea factory for the EU kinda threw us off a little =/

  15. This title is from Idea factory =) To be honest there's no embargo on the review, its just with us tending to recieve EU codes, a delay for the game meant a slight delay for our code & we like to spend enough time with a game before reviewing too so as not to short change the reader. If we'd gone for a review today, Andi would've only had a few days with the game & the review would suffer a little. Ive read a fair few Niche reviews that read as tho the reviewer only spent a few hours with the game, so I prefer the staff to put the time in as long as they hit launch day.

  16. oh i see. Thats makes sense. :)

  17. Hi again I been busy writing to PEGI it took my 5th email, but those above pics would have passed PEGI without cuts it more likely be still a PEGI-12 as not all of the gals are bra less even the ones that are no way full frontal showing any sign of boobies except 1 of them but nipples are clearly cover.

    If you got demon gaze then you would see a bath scene that are clearly loli & 100% butt naked even you can see a crack of her arse. But PEGI pass that uncensored.

    & not 1 scream foul unlike dragon's crown outcry that game cause not 1 single of the 2 woman Not 50% narked as monpiece are & they overage & NPC too except the magical myth mermaid one.

    No I see nip-picking of games they clearly picking some niche games over the other ones meaning demon gaze is okay, corpse party was okay, monpiece not so good it was censored, ugh gross dragon's crown that was not censored.

  18. Dude, what's the problem? A but crack ? The internet is a lot worse than some naked anime kid.. American much? Since guns in games are normal but whenever you see some skin everyone goes berserk.