Wednesday, 19 March 2014

News: Freedom War Details & Intro Video

There has been some now information released for upcoming Vita title, Freedom Wars.
Following the actual release date the other day, details have been released (via Famitsu) on two characters and on the different modes (systems) within the game;


  • Elfride “Sakamoto” Cabrera (voiced by Nao Toyama) – “The Ultimate Battle Maiden.” She has brown skin and short green hair. While she looks young, she’s actually the current champion of the “Royal Round,” an illegal underground arena. Her name is noticeably similar to the previously revealed Uwe “Sakamoto” Cabrera, but their relationship is unknown.
  • Carlos “Theodosius” Jinnah (voiced by Keiji Fujiwara) – “The Standoffish Hedonist.” A young man who walks around with ruffled hair. He’s a Criminal aligned with the Nog Panopticon, which is friendly towards the Panopticon the hero is attached to. Standing as Uwe’s rival, he’s bad company to keep around, opting to simply enjoy his life and survive rather than focus on saving his fellow comrades or reducing his prison sentence.


City-State War Mode
  • Players are split up into 47 Panopticons representing Japan’s 47 prefectures and compete to develop their respective Panopticon.
  • To do so, players go out and hunt for natural resources, invading other Panopticons in the process.
  • Successful delivery of these resources contributes to the development of players’ Panopticons.
  • Panopticons that have developed can place other Panopticons under their control.
  • City-State leaderboards are also present.

Resource Contributions
  • Criminals fight among themselves as part of the City-State War Mode.
  • Targets are small in size, requiring forethought and planning during fights in order to come out on top.

Artificial Abductors
  • Abductor parts are among the resources that players gather, but it’s unknown whether they can be actively utilized.
  • A new bipedal bombardment unit, “Kabuto,” has been introduced. Sporting a body that spins on top of a base installed above its slim legs, it’s equipped with large guns. It appears to be highly mobile and is proficient at close-quarters combat.

Player Rewards
  • Prisoners that extensively contribute to their Panopticon are rewarded, with accessory customization being among the different types of rewards that can be attained.
  • One type of customization includes voices that can be triggered during gameplay.
  • Such voices include responses to commands that are doled out and expressing gratitude. These voices can be set freely.
Finally, Sony have released the intro video for the title.  Freedom Wars is heading the PS Vita, in Japan, on June 26th.  Will you be importing?

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