Friday, 18 July 2014

News: Omega Quintet Japanese Trailer

Compile Heart have released a new Japanese trailer for it upcoming game, Omega Quintet.
The trailer opens up with details on the story, but if your only interested in some gameplay snippets, then skip through to about 1.40. Here the game starts to introduce all the characters by showcasing some of their special moves, and also introducing other members of the cast. The trailer ends by showing some footage of the games motion capture sessions for the Idol's dance routines. Omega Quintet is due for the Playstation 4 in Japan on September 18th, still no word on a localisation.


  1. have this preorder looking forwerd to diging in to this sep ;D

  2. The trailer seemed pretty generic, nothing that popped out and said: this game is super special awesome day one buy...or something like that.