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Feature: E3 2015 - Is Your Body Ready?

It's that time of year again; Twitter is going mad, there are more leaks than an old fishing boat & the late nights begin.  Yes, it is E3 2015 - the one time of year when all developers gather together to show of to the world what to expect in the next 12 months or so.
For gamers it is a very exciting time and it is very comparable to christmas.  We all have hopes and dreams of what is to come but the majority of the time you may be left dissopointed with what you were given.

For me, I have endured the late nights of E3 for the past 8 years and I must admit the event has become a little dissopointing in the past few years.  Do not get me wrong, the unvailing of the "Next Gen" consoles was great but there have been no real suprises for the past few years.  This year is different.  We already have had a few game suprises dropped before such as Fallout 4 & Hyrule Warriors omn the 3DS.  On top of that there a few developers who have stated they have a few suprises to show off plus the usual teases on Twitter (would not be E3 without them).  So, personaly I think this could be a great year for gamers.

However, this is not was is most important to me this E3.  This year I purchased my 3rd 3DS (yes you read right, 3ed).  No, I do not own 3 but rather sold the other two in the past as I felt the support (at the time) ws very poor.  So as a new (and very happy) owner of a N3DS, my biggest hope from E3 is that Nintendo show of some incredible titles for the new console in their handheld family.  I understand that they cannot just move the direction to the New model as there is still a large fan base of users playing on the original models.  What I want it for them to offer me games that will benefit from the extra power of the N3DS or else why release it?

With that said, I hand you over to the other writers here at Otakugamers.UK to share their own hopes and dreams for E3.  Are any of their hopes similar to yours or do you have a whole different set?  If so, let us know!


Honestly this year I am not hoping for a whole lot from E3, there are a couple of secret new IP's from various studios that look like they could hopefully be interesting. However there are a few things that I expect to be seeing.

From Nintendo I would be expecting to see a little more about Star Fox U being as it was announced at last years show and further news beyond that has been few and far between and particularly given that Zelda U has been shelved for another year. I would also expect them to go more into Project NX, there is no real hype train running behind this, if anything there was a fairly universal groan but I for one would actually like some solid ideas presented so we can all see what Nintendo are actually thinking for this new console as well as some idea of what they plan to do with their newest members of the 3DS family to show the early adopters that their purchase was not ill advised.

For me the main excitement comes from Bethesda's first appearance at E3, obviously we have already had the Fallout 4 reveal and I am hoping to see more of it, but I find it highly unlikely that they have come out of the darkness and into the light of E3 just to give some more information on a single title, so it could be quite exciting to see what they have planned, maybe even a new entry to the Elder Scrolls series or a sequel to Dishonored

From EA I am hoping to see something actually happen with Mass Effect 4, also possibly a solid show of Mirrors Edge Catalyst and maybe even a release date/gameplay footage.

The biggest surprise for me personally is the PC Show on the 3rd day of E3, this could either be very exciting and really show us of the supposed PC Master Race that developers do still think of us fondly and want to make us happy. Or go the complete opposite and really drive home the impending takeover by the easy access consoles. One major item that I would like to see is a hardware showcase of upcoming gaming equipment for the consumer market but we shall just have to wait and see.


For me personally my E3 is going to be all about Nintendo, i'd love some more N3DS titles to be announced, even the odd remake/port wouldn't go amiss!. WiiU I believe could have a brilliant year if the right titles are announced, for me personally i'm thinking Bayonetta 3 or Wonderful 102, Metroid V & one for the N3DS, EU/US release date for Xenoblade X, Info on SMT x FE.

Another part i'm looking forward to is hopefully Sony readdress Yakuza 5, hoping for pricing, date and pushing it some word on a physical release, to top that off i'd love them to announce they are also bringing over Yakuza 0 for the Ps4. Fallout 4 looks like it could be a show stopper alongside the heavily rumoured Dishonored 2.

Finally would love to see more from Tales Of Cold Steel, Danganronpa Another Episode, the new Ys title for Ps4/Vita and hopefully more info and localisation information for Tokyo Xanadu .

P,S If Idea Factory! want to give us a date on Victory II for Ps4 that wouldn't go amiss!


So with E3 fast approaching I have been asked what my wants and hopes will be for the upcoming conference. Titles currently screaming “I am coming” all the way till release day (Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 15 & Kingdom hearts 3) I am looking forward to, like pretty much every other RPG fan is.
But deep down quite hoping for some conformation to the rumors floating about Shemmnue 3. Now while I know this is likely the same rumor floating about in the run up to E3 every year I cant help but hope.

NOTE:  E3 coverage will begin at Otakugamers.UK with the Nintendo Direct (Super Smash Bros. - New Content Approaching!) later today! [To be fair though I think we all know what is coming]. 

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