Friday, 19 June 2015

News: Shenmue 3 kickstarter update

After utterly smashing their initial target of $2 million in less than 9 hours and grabbing themselves the Guinness Book of World Record title for "the fastest video game to raise $1 million in contributions on a crowdfunding platform" in an astounding 1 hour and 43 minutes. The long awaited fan request's kickstarter is currently around $3.3 million with nearly 42000 individual backers and 28 days left on the clock.

In response to this sudden influx of backing (which managed to crash the Kickstarter website entirely) several stretch goals have been added to give fans even more content. The goals reached so far have ensured Shenmue 1&2 Cinema shorts as well as French, German, Italian and Spanish language support.

The next goal which has recently been reached is the $3.20M mark which will allow the "Rapport System" to be implemented

“The Rapport System will add a depth of story, interactivity and character development that only Yu Suzuki can bring,” the team wrote. “The Skill Tree System will give Ryo a new way to level up and specialize his fighting move set.”

Between $4M and $5M (a goal that seemingly is going to be easy to meet) will come expansions to Baisha Village as outlined below.

“Next up is the Baisha Village expansion goals – spend more time exploring Baisha, with extra mini-games, interactive events and a new character system. The Character Perspective System will really let you explore the world of Shenmue through the different character personalities.”

These stretch goals really show the team and fans extreme commitment to getting Shenmue 3 released in the absolute best form they can. With Sony confirming a partnership with Y's Net in producing Shenmue 3 we hope to be seeing the game hitting the shelves in the next couple of years. Although expect to see more stretch goals as the current goals are met!

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