Sunday, 14 June 2015

E3 2015: Nintendo Direct Smash Bros. Round Up

So E3 has pretty much officially started this year with a Nintendo Direct showing off new content that is heading to Super Smash Bros for the WiiU & 3DS.

What a start to E3!  Nintendo have just shown of the second wave of DLC heading to Super Smash Bros and the best part is that it is all coming today - in fact right now!
As well as all the new DLC, Smash Bros (Wii U) is getting some new features!  Tournaments are finally on there way to the game in August as well as YouTube support.

So, lets break down what is coming out;



  • Lucas from Mother 3 [Single $3.99 | Cross Buy $4.99]
  • Roy from Fire Emblem [Single $3.99 | Cross Buy $4.99]
  • Ryu from Street Fighter [Single $5.99 | Cross Buy $6.00] (inc. stage)
Ryu is a series first for Smash Bros.  Instead of just masking a character over the existing models created, I lot of time has been put into Ryu.  Even for a game that centres around only two buttons, Ryu has managed to be given a wide range of moves, including weak & strong attacks.  You can even pull of moves based upon the button input from Street Fighter.  If you do not fancy this though, all moves can be performed using a single button press (but will be a little weaker than the original method)

Mii Costumes

As well as the new characters, plenty of new Mii Fighter Costumes have been announced;
  • Akira (Brawler) Virtual Fighter
  • Jacky (Brawler) Virtual Fighter
  • Isabelle (Gunner)  Animal Crossing
  • Megaman.exe (Gunner) Megaman
  • ZERO (Sword) Megaman
  • Inkling Boy & Girl (Gunner) Splatoon
These are all priced at $0.75 [Single] or $1.15 [Cross buy]


  • Dream Land - from the original Smash Bros [Single $1.99 | Cross Buy $2.99]
  • Miiverse Stage - this one gets updated Live from the MiiVerse based upon the characters currently in play [FREE]
  • Suzaku Castle - this one is packaged with Ryu
All these stages come with Omega Forms and their own soundtrack


It would not be a Nintendo Direct without some information about Amiibos.  There are four new Amiibo's coming out in September including ROB, Duck Hunt, Mr Game & Watch and Falco.  
It has been confirmed that all the fighters in Smash Bros will end up in Amiibo format eventually including Ryu, Roy & the Mii Characters.

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