Thursday, 18 June 2015

News: Final Fantasy VII Extra news

Square Enix's announcement of a Final Fantasy VII remake for PS4 was received with two very conflicting reactions. A deafening squeal akin to a banshee from the hardcore fans, and a low groan from many, including those put off by recent Final Fantasy releases, I'm looking at you Lightning!

However in an interview director Tetsuya Nomura has muddied the waters slightly, suggesting that the remake will be much more than a simple graphical update, but also saying that “If you’re doing a full remake, it must be made with a different approach that matches the times. Because it’s now, and precisely because this is a full remake, I want to see what kind of fun is possible.”

Nomura went on to say that he was aware they could not exceed the original just by making the graphics nicer, and that if that were the case you could just play the upcoming PS4 port and be done with it.

Considerable progress is apparently being made, and with the placement of Nojima as the scenario writer there is much to be expected in the Winter follow up report. Including the official title choice, however as is to be expected at this stage the team are not sure what they plan to put out.

So what do you think it going to happen? A new Final Fantasy VII taking some new storyline in the same timeline. Or a modernisation of the nostalgia inducing original story?

As far as I am concerned as long as the combat takes more after the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 than the previously mentioned 13 trilogy then I will be pleased.

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