Thursday, 26 February 2015

News: Ray Gigant Teaser Trailer & Screenshots

Bandai Namco has released the first trailer & screenshots for the upcoming RPG, Ray Gigant.
The new media for the Experience developed RPG introduces the 3 main characters of the game:
  • Ichiya Amakaze: A 15 year-old Japanese boy who stands at 175cm in height. He’s a wholesome and fine young man who grew up in an ordinary suburban family. But when Tokyo is destroyed, he has his awakening.
  • Kyle Griffin: A 17 year-old British boy who stands at 180cm in height. He was born to a distinguished family and is very intelligent. But he was not blessed with the love of his mother, and grew up to have a twisted personality.
  • Nil Phineas: A 16 year-old girl of unknown nationality and who stands at 165cm in height. She is naive and simplistic, but is also trained in Gigant warfare. She works each day almost as a vigilante to protect the various islands of the Caribbean Sea from the Gigants.
The dungeon RPG is due to launch this Summer in Japan on the PSVita.


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