Tuesday, 15 September 2015

TGS2105: Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6 Details

A remake of the original Yakuza game is making its way to the PS4 and PS4.  Yakuza Kiwami will contain extra scenarios and will release on 21st January 2016.

In addition to this, Yakuza 6 is expected to launch in the Fall of 2016 in Japan.  Include with Yakuza Kiwami will be a download code for Yakuza so even more reasons for you to experience the series from the start.  No further details have been released regarding Yakuza 6.

There is no word on a Western release but it will be crazy if it does not happen as it will be a great starting point for those who have not experienced the series yet.

Famitsu has also published extra details regarding Yakuza Kiwami in this weeks magazine;
  • The game will feature a significant number of additional scenes, especially regarding the reason behind Akira Nishikiyama’s major change.
  • Kazuhiro Nakatani, the voice actor behind Akira Nishikiyama, commented on the script regarding Nishikiyama’s change: “It was so rough, I didn’t want to see the script for a while.”
  • Yakuza: Kiwami is revenge for the unbearable regret offered by the original Yakuza. Although the music was most regrettable, this time Koshi Inaba of rock duo B’z is providing music.
  • Playing Yakuza: Kiwami after Yakuza 0 will move you to tears.
  • The concept of development is to leverage the Yakuza taste while upping the quality and making something new.
  • Yakuza Studio is cramming all of its know-how gained from previous works into this game.
  • Events will be easier to understand.
  • Allof the battle styles that you learn in Yakuza 0 can be used in Yakuza: Kiwami, but given that you were weakened after serving time in prison, you’ll need to make efforts to recover your strength.
  • A new “Majima System” will allow Kiryu to grow by fighting Majima Goro anywhere and everywhere. Majima will sometimes appear dressed as a police officer, or even as a host girl.
  • There’s a new mini-game called “Insect Queen Female King.”

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